A Short Guide To Roulette Rules

Jan 18 2022
Harvey Jones

When it comes to casino games, Roulette is the easiest game of all. There is a Roulette Wheel. There is a ball. The wheel spins, and you bet on which slot the ball will stop bouncing on and land on.

Where Roulette can get tricky is when you see all the betting options available to you.

Let’s first go through an example, using a traditional European roulette as you can see below:

The other popular roulette is American Roulette. Both wheels have the numbers one through thirty-six, and a zero slot. The only difference is that American Roulette also has a double zero slot. This means that, making standard bets, you will do better playing European Roulette, since the odds of winning with odd or even bets, or red or black bets are 1 in every 37 bets, compared to American Roulette which is 1 in every 38 bets.

Next, you can see a complete layout of a Roulette:

As we mentioned, you bet on which of all the pockets the ball will land on. You may want to try [Temporarily Removed]’s free online games, where you can start slowly to understand the game and how it works, as well as read our Roulette Rules. We recommend practicing Roulette before visiting a land-based casino, or even a live dealer casino that offers Roulette, as the stakes can get fast and furious, and it can be hard to get the hang of it all if this is your first time playing Roulette.

Below you will see an online roulette game in a casino:

All you are going to do is place a bet on which of the pockets the ball will land on. You can place bets until the dealer stops the ball, at which point he will say “No more bets” and you will not be able to bet any more until the next spin of the Roulette.

That’s it. Of course there are many bets that you will learn along the way. If you want you can mix them up and have fun, there are a lot of betting options including split bets, triple bets or six line bets.

And that’s really all you need to know about Roulette. It is a very simple game to play, but it can be a long way to understand it. If you’re looking for a simple casino game that doesn’t get complicated when you’re playing, Roulette is actually a very good choice. It’s a fun community game to play live and one that you can easily back out of.

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