Author: Harvey Jones

Why is it Fun to Play Craps?

Jan 18 2022
Harvey Jones

You know, if I go to a casino for a night of fun, have some beers, and chat with some friends, the first place I would go would be a craps table. Why? Well, craps is terribly fun, that’s why. I love it and my friends too. We stand next to a craps table, have a great time, and there is never a quiet moment. What makes it so fun?

Have you ever been allowed to spin the roulette wheel? No. Does the dealer ever allow you to deal in blackjack? No. And in baccarat? I do not think so. But in craps, you can roll the dice! Yeah, it might seem like too silly a thing to get excited about, but it’s great. If you’ve never rolled a seven on your opening shot with a dozen people cheering you on, you haven’t lived. If you’ve never had a lucky streak, after hitting several sevens, and receiving congratulations from other people at the table, you haven’t lived. And if you’ve never rolled a hard 10 for that guy with $50 and won, you haven’t really lived. I don’t understand those people who pass up the opportunity to roll the dice, I think they are missing out on a lot of fun, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all looking for, otherwise it would become a boring job, and that is something that I would never want to happen to the game. Also, since I’m with friends, we give each other a friendly hello every time we roll a terrible number. It must be the best game to play with friends. You could be sitting at a blackjack table worrying about what’s going on at the table, everyone silent including your friends. In craps you roll the damn dice and you are responsible for their bets!

Also, the atmosphere improves when the stickman determines each shot. There are usually some proper sayings at the table and lots of conversation. Again, if you are playing baccarat or roulette does the croupier or dealer start chattering? This adds a lot of fun to it. If you’re playing online, just learn a few common terms and say them after every shot. Of course, make sure you’re alone before you start yelling Yo! when you get 11. I don’t want to be responsible for the breakdown of your relationship if your partner suddenly decides you’re crazy.

A Short Guide To Roulette Rules

Jan 18 2022
Harvey Jones

When it comes to casino games, Roulette is the easiest game of all. There is a Roulette Wheel. There is a ball. The wheel spins, and you bet on which slot the ball will stop bouncing on and land on.

Where Roulette can get tricky is when you see all the betting options available to you.

Let’s first go through an example, using a traditional European roulette as you can see below:

The other popular roulette is American Roulette. Both wheels have the numbers one through thirty-six, and a zero slot. The only difference is that American Roulette also has a double zero slot. This means that, making standard bets, you will do better playing European Roulette, since the odds of winning with odd or even bets, or red or black bets are 1 in every 37 bets, compared to American Roulette which is 1 in every 38 bets.

Next, you can see a complete layout of a Roulette:

As we mentioned, you bet on which of all the pockets the ball will land on. You may want to try [Temporarily Removed]’s free online games, where you can start slowly to understand the game and how it works, as well as read our Roulette Rules. We recommend practicing Roulette before visiting a land-based casino, or even a live dealer casino that offers Roulette, as the stakes can get fast and furious, and it can be hard to get the hang of it all if this is your first time playing Roulette.

Below you will see an online roulette game in a casino:

All you are going to do is place a bet on which of the pockets the ball will land on. You can place bets until the dealer stops the ball, at which point he will say “No more bets” and you will not be able to bet any more until the next spin of the Roulette.

That’s it. Of course there are many bets that you will learn along the way. If you want you can mix them up and have fun, there are a lot of betting options including split bets, triple bets or six line bets.

And that’s really all you need to know about Roulette. It is a very simple game to play, but it can be a long way to understand it. If you’re looking for a simple casino game that doesn’t get complicated when you’re playing, Roulette is actually a very good choice. It’s a fun community game to play live and one that you can easily back out of.…

Which Casinos Have Baccarat with Progressive Jackpot?

Jan 18 2022
Harvey Jones

Baccarat with Progressive Jackpot is a relatively new game for online casinos. Like all progressive jackpot games, progressive jackpot baccarat is exactly the same as regular baccarat, but with a side bet that can win you the progressive jackpot after meeting a specific requirement. The odds of winning it are very low, but what happens if you win one? It is money that will potentially change your life. This does not change the odds of the game you are playing which is why many people enjoy progressive games just for a small chance of something amazing happening.

Now, as progressive jackpot baccarat is a relatively new game, not many online casinos offer it to their players. In fact, there is only one casino software provider that offers progressive jackpot baccarat to its players. This software provider is Playtech which is good as they have a great reputation in the industry and you should not have any fear when using their software.

Not only does this have a generous welcome offer for new players, the software is also good, so when you decide to play your first game of baccarat, you won’t be disappointed. They do not offer progressive jackpot baccarat, but they are certainly one of the best in the industry.

This is an amazing casino for experienced baccarat players and beginners alike. Those who are learning can take advantage of the test mode to understand how the game works before putting their money on the table. Experienced players can enjoy the professional software and the wide variety of betting options available.

Unfortunately, since Playtech casinos are the only ones that offer progressive jackpot baccarat, it is not available everywhere. Progressive jackpot baccarat is growing in popularity and once it becomes more popular, I’m sure more casinos will follow the trend and offer it to all players.…